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1. Falling For A Shooting Star

2. Closer

3. moment In Time

4. Amelie

5. Waking Nightmare

6. Boy Without A Name

7. September On My Mind

8. Scar

9. Book Of Days

10. Dark

1. Rise And Fall

2. This Ain't Hollywood

3. Through The Veil

4. Masquerade

5. Truth

6. Tomorrow's Moon

7. Passages

8. Gold Against The Grey

9. Kings And Queens

10. Brooklyn Road


Bullets From The Graveyard

Racing Mars second album released in 2018.

1. Stained

2. Inside This Machine

3. Burning Down The Road

4. Hex

5. Inner Voices

6. New Day

7. The Girl On The Horizon

8. Rwanda

9. This House Is Burning

10. Untamed


Moment In Time

The Paramount Trip first album originally released in 2020

Bullets From The Graveyard



Racing Mars second album released in 2018.

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